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Overweight and Overlooked

Back pain is a common phenomenon among the general population. Its prevalence is greatly increased in the obese. Obesity, or the condition of being dangerously overweight, greatly increases the stress placed on the spine and the muscles of the back. The spine is a series of joints. Vertebrae, the bones of the spine, are separated from each other by cushions calls discs. The discs serve as shock absorbers for the forces exerted on and by the body. The spine is designed to be durable enough to support the body's weight.

The spines of people with obesity must try to absorb much greater shock than those of people with less body mass. Another component of obesity that affects the back is a lack of muscle tone. When the muscles of the back, abdomen and pelvis are not strong, they fail to paper writing service and provide structural support to the spine. This combined with excess weight can result in a number of painful conditions, including:

-Subluxation and Spondylolisthesis (the displacement of a vertebra)

-Degenerative Disc Disease

(the wearing down of spinal discs resulting in friction and limited shock absorption)

-Herniated or Bulging Disc

(when the outer ring of the disc wears and the gel in the centre is pushed to one side, either bulging the disc or causing the gel to leak out)

-Posture Distortion

(caused by the spine's inability to hold itself upright, leading to pain in the back, pelvis, neck and shoulders. Distorted posture can eventually result in the above conditions.)

Financial Obstacles

Dealing with obesity and its complications can be a difficult mission to embark upon. Frequent visits to the doctor cost enough to write my paper and bankrupt most of us without health insurance. Even the insured may struggle to make co-pays and afford medications. A million diet plans exist to help people lose weight, but tailoring a budget to a diet is difficult for many of us. Alternative treatments like chiropractic care and exercise therapy to repair damage to the spine may be too expensive or nonexistent in your area.

With these obstacles, finding a solution to obesity and its consequences may seem impossible, or at least too overwhelming to pursue. However, there is always something you can do on your own to improve your health. With a little creativity and a lot of motivation, you can work around obstacles. This work is for your health and your life. You're worth it.

New Habits, New Life

Most instances of obesity stem from the ready availability and affordability of unhealthy foods. The American government subsidizes crops that are used to produce fats and sugars at a very low cost. These products are frighteningly pervasive; their low cost and versatility make them perfect for use as stretchers and sweeteners in any product. The easiest and most affordable foods to obtain are those with the most calories and least nutritional value.

It may have made sense to eat the foods that are easiest to come by, but now that you see their toxic effects on your body, it is time to change dietary habits. You can cut down and eventually eliminate foods from your repertoire that are pre-made and heavily processed. A good test for the wholesomeness of a college essay examples is to look at its ingredients. If there are any you cannot pronounce or whose source you cannot identify, it is best to pass on it.