Friend of WM DPG Award

The Friend of Weight Management Award was established to honor a respected professional whose work has enhanced the field of weight management and who has been a consistent supporter of RDNs and the DPG. This year’s awardee is Dr. Corby Martin, FTOS


 Dr. Martin is a clinician researcher with extensive experience developing and delivering lifestyle interventions for weight management. In addition to specializing in the measurement of energy intake and expenditure, Dr. Martin and colleagues created mathematical algorithms that predict weight loss during dieting, and they successfully applied these algorithms to clinical weight loss interventions. Dr. Martin is dedicated to helping patients improve their diet and exercise habits and to effectively manage their weight and health. Finally, Dr. Martin is a leader in the creation and evaluation of mobile health interventions that deliver services remotely via smartphones and other connected devices. Dr. Martin is a Professor and the Director of the Ingestive Behavior, Weight Management, and Health Promotion Laboratory at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center (PBRC). He is also the Director of the PBRC’s Human Phenotyping Core of the Nutrition Obesity Research Center, and a Fellow of The Obesity Society.   


The DPG thanks Dr. Martin for his support of RDNs, NDTRs, and the Academy!