Friend of WM DPG Award

The Friend of Weight Management Award was established to honor a respected professional whose work has enhanced the field of weight management and who has been a consistent supporter of RDNs and the DPG. This year’s awardees are: Bob Kushner, MD and Ted Kyle, RPh, MBA.


Dr. Kushner is Medical Director of the Center for Lifestyle Medicine at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, Professor of Medicine and Medical Education, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Dr Kushner is author of several books including the recently released “Six Factors to Fit” which he co-authored with his wife Nancy Kushner, MSN, RN.


Ted Kyle is the author of the website ConscienHealth.TM This website is designed to help experts and organizations work for evidence-based approaches to health and obesity. Through ConscienHealthTM, Ted works to advance changes in policy and public opinion that will allow new approaches to be developed and put into use.


The DPG thanks both men for their support of RDNs, NDTRs, and the Academy!