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With almost 4,000 members, the WM DPG is a dynamic organization committed to its members. Our site contains a wealth of information, tools and resources to maximize your effectiveness in providing WM nutrition services and programs to your patients, clients and customers. WM DPG is continually striving to deliver the best services possible to our membership. Join today!

Malnutrition Awareness

Join WM DPG in increasing awareness on malnutrition. Malnutrition Awareness Week is a multi-organizational, multi-pronged campaign created by ASPEN.

Free Webinars

WM DPG strives to offer our membership the most current evidence-based CPEU opportunities. One way we are doing this is by offering cutting edge webinars. WM DPG is providing members eight free webinars this year!  Join Today to take advantage of this member only benefit!

New for Members

  • April Upcoming Webinar: Increase Coverage for Nutrition Services: It Starts with You
  • Check it out - Quick Guides!
  • February Recorded Webinar - Pediatric Weight Management and Nutrition Counseling: What does the evidence say about different counseling styles and age?
  • Weight Management Matters - Winter 2019
  • Weight Management in the News: keeping¬†members up to date by providing links to journal articles related to weight management.

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