Member Benefits

Weight Management DPG offers a wide array of member benefits, including sub-specialty groups, over 10 hours free CPEU per year and opportunities to meet together during FNCE® and ObesityWeek.



WM regularly publishes an electronic newsletter, available as a PDF and also in digital format.

Each issue includes am article available for CPEU.

Access our newsletters here.

Sub-Specialty Groups

We have sub-specialty groups focused on pediatrics, bariatrics and coaching/wellness.

Access bariatric subunit info here.

Access pediatric subunit info here.

Access coaching/wellness subunit info here.


Regularly Scheduled Educational Webinars

WM DPG regularly schedules educational webinars, available to all members.

The webinars are also available for self-study CPEU.

Watch our event calendar for scheduled webinars.

Access self-study CPEU webinars for the current year here.

Access our archived self-study webinars (from previous years) here.