Diversity Scholarship 2021

One of Weight Management DPG’s primary goals is to increase diversity, inclusion, and equity in the DPG by addressing barriers that prevent minority dietetic students from accessing resources for success in the profession. We have received a grant to assist with recruitment and development of a Student Diversity Membership and Scholarship program to provide Academy and WM DPG membership scholarships and mentorship to students of underrepresented groups (total value $71 each).

The scholarship will be awarded to 13 dietetic students. Of these thirteen, 5 will also be randomly selected to participate in the mentorship opportunity. Students are defined as those enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, post- doctoral and internships and eligible for membership under the Academy’s student classification.

Those who have active membership with the Academy and/or WM DPG for 2021-2022 will be reimbursed, while those who are not active members for 2021-2022 will have their memberships paid for. Upon award of the scholarship, five selected recipients will be assigned to a mentor cohort. Mentees are expected to agree to invest time in this relationship throughout the 2021-2022 Academy year.

Please note that, if selected for the mentorship opportunity, this will require a level of commitment on your part to periodically (at least once a month for one hour) meet with the WM DPG mentor. In addition, participate in the diversity equity and inclusion task force work group. All communication will be done electronically and at the convenience of the mentor and mentee.

If you are a student who identifies as a member of an unrepresented group and would like to apply for a scholarship to join the Academy and the WM DPG, please apply here by July 31, 2021.